Lagarde d'Apt

The Vaucluse Departement - Luberon Nature Park - Population : 38 inh.

puce 9 km south of Saint Christol.

Lagarde d'Apt is a tiny isolated village in the north of the Luberon, region, not far from the "plateau d'Albion". You will soon discover the Signal Saint Pierre at 1256 metres, the highest point of the "Monts de Vaucluse" and the surrounding fields of lavender. You will be surprised on arriving at Lagarde d'Apt to find that this is not a village in the classic sense - Lagarde d'Apt is uniquely a church, a restaurant and two lavender distilleries. no village square bordered by ancient houses, no labyrinth of winding streets, or neighbours discussing the weather... there's only 33 inhabitants !
You will discover some isolated properties and farms, together with a hiking trail through 80 hectares of lavender, you will also come across the distillery. Lagarde d'Apt is surrounded by magnificent and wild countryside... it's sublime!

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puce What to see:

Notre Dame de Lamaron church.
Lavander distilleries.


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puce Neighbouring towns and villages:

Saint Christol (9 km) and Sault (15 km).