The Vaucluse Departement - Population : 5,552 inh.

puce Located 20 km North of Avignon and 10 km South East of Orange on the N7.

Courthezon, main square Between the Avignon "Festival" and the "opera" in Orange, "Medieval" Courthezon offers the authentic pleasures of a charming and convivial provencal village.
A small river the "Seille" calmly flows through the village whereas another river the "Ouveze" borders the village. Courthezon offers the tranquil and soothing pleasures of its fifteen fountains.
Courthezon, ramparts
It is one of the rare villages in the Vaucluse which has conserved a large part of its XII century ramparts.
The romanesque church of Saint Denis dates back to Charlemagne's reign and inside you can discover a magnificent listed organ.
Courthezon, fountain
Enter by the Porte des Princes, and the Maison du Tourisme et du Vin, located in a XV century buildings welcomes visitors to the village who are attracted by its heritage and fine wines.
The Val-Seille chateau built in 1868 by Elie Dussaud, is nowadays the town hall and in the year 2000 new landscaping will adorn the adjacent park.
Courthezon, church
This residence hosts a winter garden protected by an immense wrought iron conservatory which takes you to the painting gallery which is today the council chamber.

Admire the wonderful ceiling paintings by Elie Dussaud. They are really worth the detour.


puce What to see:

The town hall and the park.
Parish Church.
The ramparts and towers.
The belfry. The fountains.


puce Leisure activities:

Tennis. Boulodrome.
Horse riding.


puce Accommodation:

Bed and breakfast.


puce Neighbouring towns and villages:

Jonquieres (5 km), Bedarrides (6 km), Chateauneuf du Pape (7 km) and Sarrians (11 km).