The Vaucluse Departement - Population : 18,578 inh.

puce 10 km North of Avignon on the N7 in the direction of Bedarrides.

Sorgues, roundabout Located around its factories in the north of Avignon, this town has few remains of its past except some ruins of the castle walls and a keep which bear witness to its medieval past.
Little remained of Sorgues after the invasion by the baron des Adrets in 1562.
Sorgues, city hall
An immense village square surrounds the mairie, an imposing large white building.

From the square numerous little streets wind up to the old village.
Sorgues, paddle wheel
The old Sorgues sometimes lets glimpse through its tangled alleys, some pieces of ramparts and scraps of towers.
At the exit, an old paddle wheel plunged into the Sorgues recalls the inevitable presence of water.
Sorgues, square
At the entrance to the village, on the Vedène, there are the beautiful gardens of the chateau de Brantes, which is still inhabited, and at the weekend you can visit the superb Italianate park..
There are some superb stone fountains, ponds and the famous plane tree forest which boasts the highest plane trees in France (26 meters high, on average).


puce What to see:

The chateau de Brantes gardens.
The fountains.
XIX° century Hotel de Ville. St Sixte's church, XII° century.


puce Leisure activities:

Fishing. Tennis.
Summer Events.


puce Accommodation:

Bed and breakfast
Location vacances. Gites.


puce Neighbouring towns and villages:

Bedarrides (5 km), Entraigues sur Sorgue (5 km), Châteauneuf du Pape (7 km) and Avignon (10 km).