Departement of the Alpes de Haute Provence - Pop.: 150 inh.

puce Take exit n°3 at Gap then the D900b for 13 km,then turn right to join the D4 and take the D704 for 6 km.
Piégut, bell tower and mountain landscape

The D704 is a narrow road that winds its way up in hairpins from the plain of the Durance, the river representing the border with the departement of Hautes Alpes.

When you reach a high plateau dotted with modest little farmhouse cottages, there you will find the village of Piegut, built on a slight rise surrounded by cultivated fields.

Piégut, bell tower and mountain landscape

Once you have parked in the vast car park on the edge of the village, where the slightly dilapidated big white church is located, and where you have a superb view of the valley, be sure to go for a stroll round Piegut: a sloping street and some stairways off to the sides, a fountain dating from 1911, a few fairly recent houses, one or two old stone barns, a small garden inhabited by garden gnomes with a barbecue corner, a vegetable garden with some tomatoes, lettuce and basil, a covered passageway where log piles await the winter...

Piégut, bell tower

Piegut is charming and peaceful, without any major tourist attractions, apart from the natural setting as authentic as it is calming: meadows and ponds, wooded and rocky hills, fertile land ripe with wheat, rose bushes, pear trees, cherry trees and hydrangeas, etc.


puce What to see:

Saint-Colomban church.
Ruins of a 15th century chateau.


puce Leisure activities:

Hiking. numerous waymarked hiking pathsthat lead to Bellaffaire in 4 hours or Venterol in 3 and half hours,
not forgetting the top of Monsérieux at 1,696 metres.
Rochebrune-Piegut man-made lake. Go-karting circuit.
Cross country skiing at Venterol (5km).


puce Accommodation:

Gites and holiday rentals.


puce Neighbouring towns and villages:

Ventérol (4 km) and Tallard (7 km).