Saint Julien d'Asse

Departement of the Alpes de Haute Provence - Pop.: 150 inh. - Altitude : 461 m.

puce Via the D907 from Digne then 3 km after Bras d'Asse, take a right, the D308.
Saint Julien d'Asse, the village

St Julien d'Asse is situated above the river Asse flowing over its pebble bed, clinging to the hillside, and benefits from an agreable situation and view over the valley.

Near the hamlet, a number of Belgians and Germans have apparently fallen under its spell, and are renovating some old houses.

Saint Julien d'Asse, house and vaulted passageway

Its understandable, because this village has a unique atmosphere: a winding side street with steps, a covered passageway, an old wash house, superb old stone houses topped by Roman tiles, shady gardens where succulents grow along with climbing rose bushes, some beautiful 19th century doors, olive trees and tufts of lavander, a little air and some birdsong...

Saint Julien d'Asse, house

Who wouldn't want to settle in St Julien d'Asse, buy a run-down old barn and transform it into a little gem with an authentic touch, keeping to the local architectural style, with beautiful stones and lavender coloured window shutters ?


puce What to see:

Church (14th century foundations).


puce Leisure activities:

Hiking. Fishing. Relaxation!


puce Accommodation:



puce Neighbouring towns and villages:

Bras d'Asse (3 km), Saint Jeannet (6 km) and Entrevennes (7 km).