Saint Julien le Montagnier

The Var Departement - Population : 2,306 inh.

puce Drive 30 km. on route D560 north of St. Maximin, then take D35.

Saint Julien le Montagnier, the village
At 578m, altitude, St, Julien le Montagnier sits at the top of a hill which one can see from afar on the road that leads to this picturesque village.
Saint Julien le Montagnier, inn terrace
The old village on the hillock is worth a detour..
Ancient houses of stone, and houses with beautiful doorways once belonging to the nobility, stand side by side giving character and uniqueness to St. Julien..
Saint Julien le Montagnier, landscape
The new village down at the bottom is in a corner of an immense and deserted plain covered with wild and aromatic nature.

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puce What to see:

Romanesque church.
St. Trinity Chapell.
13th c. Medieval ramparts with a doorfortified by the Templar knights.


puce Leisure activities:

Hiking (a marked trail leads directly to Verdon in 15 minutes, with beautiful sights all the way).
Tennis. Fishing.
Mountain biking.
Outdoor swimming pool.


puce Accommodation:

Holiday rentals.
Bed and breakfast.
Inn in the old village.


puce Neighbouring towns and villages:

La Verdiere (8 km), Ginasservis (8 km) and Greoux les Bains (13km).