Orcières and Orcières-Merlette

Departement of the Hautes Alpes - Population : 810 inh. - Altitude : 1,450m. (Orcières) and 1,850 m. (Orcières-Merlette).

puce 34km North-East of de Gap via the D944.
Orcieres, the village in the mountain

In upper Champsaur, in the heart of the Ecrins National Park, Orcières is a large village clinging to a hillside.

Architecture enthusiasts will recognise the typical "Orcières" house: square in shape, with a gable wall as the main façade and a dwelling on two levels.

Orcieres, church bell tower
It is built from local stone, with a timber structural framework covered in olden times with slates but now more often with metal or shingles.

On the ground floor, the kitchen is next to the stable, on the first floor with a floor made from larch wood is the bedroom and ... the barn, people and animals living together in olden times to keep warm !

Orcieres, fountain

Prapic is a characterful hamlet and the starting point for many hiking routes. It nestles in the Drac Noir valley, far far away from the main lines of communication.

Its agricultural areas are notable for the piles of stones placed on the edges of the cultivated fields by farmers.

Orcieres-Merlette, ski resort

Don't miss the little "musée de la Casse", presenting a collection of everyday objects telling stories about yesteryear's professions.

Orcières Merlette, Merlette is a ski resort built in the 1960's above the Drac Noir, offering all the delights of winter sports: from downhill skiing to cross-country skiing, not forgetting original activities such as horse-drawn ski joering !


puce What to see:

Le Creuset Animal Park (open every day in summer, except Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m).
The village of Prapic (à (5 km via the D474) and its museum "La Casse" : a museum of popular traditions and art (entrance fee € 3).
Circuit of the Great Lakes.
The Bride's Veil.


puce Leisure activities:

In winter:
Downhill skiing at Orcières-Merlette ( 5 km from the village via the D76) : 100 km of ski runs, 30 ski lifts).
Nordic skiing (50 km of runs).
Snowpark Slalom stadium. Ice karting.
Sledge dogs, snow shoes horse-drawn ski joering.
Grande Ourse (ice-rink, swimming pool, relaxation area).
In summer:
Leisure centre..
Hiking. Mountain-biking.
Climbing. Paragliding.
White water sports. Tennis.


puce Accommodation:

5 Hotels including 3 including at the Merlette ski resort.
2 holiday villages at Merlette.
2 holiday residences at Orcières 1850.
Inn. Gites and furnished accommodation.


puce Neighbouring towns and villages:

Saint-Jean-Saint Nicolas (10km) and Saint Bonnet en Champsaur (24km).