Saint Jeannet

Departement of the Alpes de Haute Provence - Pop.: 50 h. - Altitude : 800 m.

puce From Digne-les-Bains take Exit n°2 (N85) as far as Châteauredon, then take the D907 as far as Bras d'Asse, finally take the D8 on your right for 3.5 km.
Saint Jeannet, roofs and belle-tower
After a charming narrow road running through the fields of lavande and Holm oak woods, you will reach the tiny village of Saint Jeannet, cosy and unpretentious, far from the tourist's beaten track.

Here, there are no actual streets, and certainly no village square: just one or two dirt tracks that lead to a few old houses huddled together.

Saint Jeannet, the village
The only luxury is the marvellous local stone, coloured an extremely pale grey bordering on white.

All these old farms and hay barns are built with it, and some have been restored with care or are in the process of being restored.

In this peaceful spot that nothing seems to disturb, seekers of bric-a-brac will be delighted to find rusty tools, abandoned old bicycles and carts, etc.

Saint Jeannet, tiny street
If you go up to the summit of the village you'll be able to admire a pretty view of the Roman tiled rooftops and the church steeple, against a backdrop of gently rolling hills wooded with Holm oaks.

Those who like old stone buildings will have to be courageous: some major restoration work is in store... But this is the price to be paid for total peace, far from the sound and the fury!


puce What to see:

14th century church.


puce Leisure activities:

Horse riding, cycling and walks in the surrounding area.


puce Accommodation:

Nearby at Bras d'Asse or Saint Julien d'Asse.


puce Neighbouring towns and villages:

Bras d'Asse (3 km), Saint Julien d'Asse (6 km) and Estoublon (7 km).