Departement of the Alpes de Haute Provence - Pop.: 200 inh.

puce North of Castellane, on route N202 between Barrême and St. André les Alpes.
Moriez, road and landscape

Moriez is a little village which stretches along the road to Nice (N202) surrounded by wide open farmland.

The center resembles typical Provençal villages with its narrow streets and tall houses touching one another.

Moriez, fountain

In Moriez, there are ancient ruins to see, reminding one of its long past.

Until the beginning of this century Moriez was a prosperous town thanks to the sheet factory and its many craftmen.

Moriez, garden

In the middle of the main street (Moriez only has 4 or 5 streets) you can't miss the delightful fountain decorated with flowers, where you can cool down a little.

It's often here that a few old ladies like to sit down and knit while gossiping, or simply enjoying the cool evening air.

Moriez, bell tower

Around the village, all you need to do is take any path at random to discover the superb hillsides and mountain countryside.

Two lovely hiking paths go through Moriez; one will take you to St André (starting from the church, allow 3 hours for the return trip) and the other from St. André to Col des Robines (roughly 3 hours).


puce What to see:

Roman ruins. Medieval dungeon.
St. Barthélémy 15thc. church.
18th c, Aristocrat houses.


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puce Accommodation:

Holiday rentals.


puce Neighbouring towns and villages:

Saint André les Alpes (4km), La Mure sur Argens (8km), Angles (10km).