Departement of the Alpes de Haute Provence - Pop.: 100 inh.

puce From Annot, take the D908 to Fugeret then take the first right on leaving the village.
Méailles, village, bell tower and snowy mountains

From the D908 between Peyresq and Le Fugeret, Méailles village is just waiting to be admired, perched as if balanced on a rocky ridge overlooking the valley of the river Vaïre.

It is an adventure in itself to take the minute narrow road beneath the impressive cliffs that leads to Méailles.

Méailles, village

When you reach the high plateau with a few cows grazing in the green prairies there is a complete change of scenery.

Time has literally stopped here. Country life continues as it always has, as shown by the numerous farms and hay barns that are still in activity, not to mention the hens pecking about.

Méailles, church and its bell-tower
The village nestling around its square bell tower with its astonishing black, red and green-tiled roof also reserves many surprises for you.

You must lose yourself in every nook and cranny of its quiet streets, to admire the old houses built with the region's beautiful warm beige stone. Several of these houses have been restored with taste - pantiles, dark woodwork - although some have been abandoned.

Méailles, house

The beautiful church with its slated roof is also built from dressed stone. The Latin inscription on its sundial reminds us of the rapid passage of time (“Fugit Vireparabile Tempus”).

Such a pleasant village, lulled by birdsong and gurgling fountains.

Méailles, the village

Méailles is anything but a declining village: you will be greeted by each smiling inhabitant that you meet, both young and old: happy no doubt to be living in this marvellously peaceful little paradise..


puce What to see:

The inside of the church(altarpiece listed as 16th century and two beautiful paintings:
the "Déposition de la Croix" and the "Donation du Rosaire").
The Méailles cave (2 km from the village): a 400m long gallery with a roof made up of
rounded limestone lumps (pudding stones) and very beautiful stalactites.


puce Leisure activities:

Walking trips (to the hamlets of Argenton and Chabrières,the sources of the Coulomp and the Vaïre rivers).
In winter there is cross-country skiing at Colle St-Michel and Colle Basse
and downhill skiing at the Foux d'Allos (55 kilometres away).


puce Accommodation:

1 restaurant on the square.
1 Rural gite and 1 Restaurant at nearby Le Fugeret (2.7 km).
1 Gite and 1 Restaurant at Colle St Michel.


puce Neighbouring towns and villages:

Le Fugeret (3 km), Annot (8 km) and Peyresq (15 km).