Departement of the Alpes de Haute Provence - Luberon - Pop.: 400 inh.

puce 12km north of Manosque on the N96 and 12 km from Forcalquier.
Lurs, the village
Take the pleasant lane which cuts between the magnificent hills of the Luberon and you'll climb gracefully up to the village of Lurs perched on a green and verdant spur, overlooking the Durance valley.

Just before you arrive in the village, from the lane you'll have a superb view over the entire village of Lurs, the olive groves which cascade down the slopes and the village houses grouped higgle piggledy together in the village...

Lurs, bell-tower

As you pass under the belfry of the village clock tower which takes the form of the entrance to the village ... you will be immediately ceased under the spell and charm of the village..

In front of you the possibility to discover a maze of little streets, the next more charming than the present, on either side of the lanes, tastefully restored stone built houses each one having conserved its authentic character, each door, or window subtly renovated.

Lurs, house

Behind these houses you will find beautifully tended gardens, shady terraces, and private spaces apt to be featured in the best interior design magazines.

It can only be a pleasure to lose oneself down Lurs' lanes where behind each corner promises another moment of splendour.

Lurs, calade street

The historians all agree that it was Charlemagne who founded Lurs.

At the beginning of the IX° century, seduced by the beauty of the site the bishops of Sisteron built their summer residences as well as a seminary, a building which still exists high up with a magnificent panoramic view, and nowadays transformed into a comfortable hotel which hosts, visitors and of course... seminars !

To the south of the village the silhouette of the château can be found, a chateau which during a number of centuries hosted the Princes of Sisteron.

Lurs, church

Today it is a private house and can be admired from the outside.

Leaving the château, you can continue your visit of the village along the "Promenade des Evêques", a superb landscaped walk, bordered by fifteen shrines, and a walk which will lead you to to the ND de Vie chapel with its 360° view offering an exceptional panorama across the Durance valley, the Valensole plateau, the Lure mountain, the Luberon and on a clear day as far as the Alps !


puce What to see:

Provençal roman-style church.
St Michel Chapel XIIc.
Promenade des Evêques and its 15 shrines.
ND de Vie Chapel, the open air Theater, the vaulted passageways in the village.
ND des Anges (Route de La Brillanne): pilgrimages on Easter Monday and the 2nd August.
The Monessargues Oil mill (a remarkable tasteful site!).


puce Leisure activities:

Hiking. Village fête the last weekend in July.
15th August village toast.
Les Amis de Lurs"Rencontres Internationales des Arts Graphiques" (International Graphic Arts encounter), last weekend in August.
Provençal Christmas with nativity crêche.


puce Accommodation:

Country Gîtes.
Furnished accommodation. Holiday rentals.
Bed and Breakfast.


puce Neighbouring towns and villages:

Sigonce (7km), La Brillanne (7km), Pierrerue (10km).