Alpes de Haute Provence Departement - Population : 60 inh.

puce 25 km from Sisteron, take the D946.

Curel, tiny street Curel is the last village you go through before entering the Drôme, "département". To reach this village at the end of the world, you take a pretty road that climbs gently up into a landscape that becomes more and more beautiful.
In this marvellous countryside where nature has been preserved, and the influence of Provence and the Alps combine, Curel is a marvel of authenticity: here there is nothing but real stone, beautiful and true!
Curel, typical facade
The tiny village of Curel has been recently restored (no more than about thirty houses), and will delight the aesthetes among you: a marvellous pedestrian cobbled street where the houses are in harmony, built from yellow stone, with blue-lavender shutters, a few stairways off to the sides with wooden handrails, a wash-house surrounded with flowers... not a single note out of tune!!
Curel, house
Add to this total tranquillity, air that is perfectly pure and perfumed with lavender and bountiful nature just a couple of steps away ... and you think to yourself if paradise exists it must look something like Curel!


puce What to see:

The village, quite simply.
Ruins of the village to the east of today's village.


puce Leisure activities:

Hiking (for example on the nearby Lure mountain).
Cycle touring. Fishing.
Horse riding.


puce Accommodation:

Holiday rentals. Farmhouse-inn.


puce Neighbouring towns and villages:

Châteauneuf-Miravail (7 km) and Saint Vincent sur Jabron (8 km).