Departement of the Drome - Provencal Drome - Pop.: 3.500 inh Altitude : 376 m.

puce 30 km from Montélimar via the D540.

Dieulefit, the village

In the 8th century the Saracens paid Dieulefit a visit, but the village enjoyed prosperity in the 15th century thanks to large-scale sheet-making activity.

Today Dieulefit is a peaceful large village lying on the banks of a river in a setting of verdant hills.

Dieulefit, the Protestant church

A main street lined with low houses which cars drive along, a large church which in fact is a Protestant place of worship, house fronts painted in pastel shades of pink, blue and pale green, several bistrots under the plane trees and smart shops selling nougat and post cards of Provence, Provençal fabrics and above all pottery, because Dieulefit has been a “Potter’s paradise” since … Gallo-Roman times !

Thhis craft activity reached its peak in the 19th century: more than one hundred workshops were in activity in the Jabron valley.

Dieulefit, advertising for nougat

Even today, many artisans continue to perpetuate this long tradition.

So Dieulefit is well-known for its pottery, and it is also renowned among gourmets for its "Picodon Dieulefit". This delicious goat’s cheese is indeed worshipped by initiates.

Don’t leave Dieulefit without at least tasting the picodon, especially with a truffle omelette !


puce What to see:

ÉChurch (12th century, Renaissance door).
Maison de la terre.
In the surrounding area: Church at Comps and ruins of the priory at Aleyrac.


puce Leisure activities:

Hiking, horse-riding and mountain biking (many waymarked paths).


puce Accommodation:

Bed and breakfast.


puce Neighbouring towns and villages:

Le Poet-Laval (4km), Taulignan (15km) and Grignan (25km).