The Bouches du Rhone Departement - Population : 26,056 inh.

puce 11 km south-west of Salon de Provence.

Miramas, square and fountain Miramas is a small industrial town at the northern end of the Etang de Berre between Salon de Provence and Istres. Miramas grew in the 20th century around a major marshalling yard on the Marseille-Lyon railway line.
There are two places called Miramas: the old village, Miramas le Vieux, and the modern town of Miramas on the plain (they are 2 km apart).
Miramas, square
To reach the town centre of Miramas, you'll take the main road bordered by flower-beds, cleverly maintained with its landscaped roundabouts.
A large main road with plenty of shops and cafes and several plane trees goes through the heart of Miramas.
Miramas le Vieux, landscape
Nearby, the big town hall square. Don't spend too much time in the town. From the tourism point of view Miramas le Vieux is much more interesting.
When you leave the town heading for Miramas le Vieux you will go through verdant countryside, with fields of corn and olive groves..
Miramas le Vieux, ruins
After 2 km, on the left you will see the old village in the distance, on its rocky outcrop. It has a magnificent panoramic view of the Etang de Berre and the whole of the Crau plain. It's certainly worth the detour.
As soon as you arrive in the village, you will discover the ruins of the medieval defensive walls, covered with well-preserved stone facing..
Miramas le Vieux, fountain and wash-house
At Place Fernand Julien (with its delightful ice-cream seller's terrace) you will be able to sit back and admire the village.
Miramas le Vieux has been lovingly restored to preserve the character of the village.

You'll discover beautiful old houses with a great deal of charm. You can explore the ruins of the ancient medieval castle, the oil mill, the wash-house. Don't miss the 15th century parish church, and the 12th century chapel dedicated to Saint Julien.

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puce What to see:

Miramas le Vieux: remains of the medieval castle, wash-house, oil mill.
15th century church. 12th century St Julien chapel.
Panoramic view of Etang de Berre.
Railway collection (SNCF depot).


puce Leisure activities:

Market on Thursday and Saturday morning (town of Miramas).
Hiking, horse-riding and mountain-biking.
18-hole golf course. Tennis.
Summer events.
Early November: Santons Fair May: flower show and flea market.
October: antiques fair.


puce Accommodation:

Bed and breakfast.
Gites and holiday rentals.

puce Shows and events

Le 08.04.2023
Fête du Sport Olympique et Paralympique
Le 08.04.2023
Miramas : Faites vos jeux !
Saturday 8 April, 10am > 5pm, Stadium Miramas Métropole Sports village with many free activities A fun day to share with family and friends. Catering area.
Stadium Miramas Métropole



puce Neighbouring towns and villages:

Saint Chamas (7 km), Grans (9 km), Istres (10 km) and Lançon de Provence (15 km).