Alpes Maritimes Departement - Population : 2,403 inh.

puce 12 km from Nice via the lower, middle or high coastal road (corniche).

Eze village
Situated just after Nice, in the direction of Menton, Eze stretches out along the coast from Cap Roux to the Cabuel point.
Eze, view on the sea
Lush tropical vegetation including bananas, dates, carob trees, orange and lemon trees are proof of the year-round warm climate.
The beach in the "baie d'Eze" has easy access and is shaded by pine-trees which almost grow down to the water's edge.
The Eze district does not just include the coast, and by climbing the middle coastal road, (N7) you will discover Eze village which is one of the most picturesque spots in the region.
In spite of the crowds, it's a "must-see" for visitors...
Eze, landscape
Perched in an "eagle's nest" at the height of an imposing and superb cliff, the village and its light ochre church can be seen from afar.
To find the entrance, take the small, rocky path which has a splendid view of the gardens surrounding the Chateau de la Chevre d'Or.
Eze, calade street
Once inside, you will discover a small Provencal village filled with charm and colourful window boxes, offering a panoramic view of the sea and coast-line.
Small narrow roads, archways and superbly restored stone houses, shady squares, refreshing ancient fountains... you will soon be seduced by the marvels of Eze. The village is so beautiful, it's hard to believe you have not stumbled onto a movie set... !

Eze, shop
The numerous small arts and crafts boutiques are hard to resist... some of them are like tiny caves dug out of the rocky hill-side.
The streets of this medieval village have witnessed its historic past. The two look-out towers at the entrance, the door-way and the gun-boat all classified as historic monuments.
Eze, castle
You are welcome to visit the exotic botanic garden, situated in the village, where an impressive collection of cactus, plants and rare vegetation surrounds the remains of an ancient chateau.
At an altititude of 400 m, the summit of the cliff over-looks the sea. It's fantastic!

Eze, exotic plants
From the village, you can also visit "Eze bord-de-mer" by taking the Friedrich Nietzsche path (at the end of the "avenue du Jardin Exotique"), it appears that here, under the olives and pine-trees that Nietzsche composed the last part of his work " Thus Spoke Zarathustra "... this delightful walk takes about an hour... you'll need more time to climb back up!

Eze, sea view
By taking the high coastal road you will discover a superb forest-park covering about 610 hectares.
Here you can visit the "Maison de la Nature" and the "oppidum du Col d'Eze". As night falls, you can also admire the wonderful spectacle of the stars twinkling above!


puce What to see:

Chapel of the White Penitents.
Parish church and its baroque nave.
Cemetry, including grave of the famous comedian Francis Blanche.
Eze Garden.
Visit to Galimard soap-factory anf to Fragonard perfum factory.
Friedrich-Nietzsche path-way (L'Astrorama).
La Revere fort (col d'Eze).


puce Leisure activities:

Sailing school.
Cultural and sporting events from April to December.


puce Accommodation:

Bed and breakfast.
Holiday rentals.


puce Neighbouring towns and villages:

Beaulieu sur Mer (8 km), Monaco (9 km) and Nice (12 km).