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Ski in high Provence and Southern Alps


Skiing in high Provence and Alpes d'Azur.The Southern Alps offer a vast ski area with good weather and the sun is very often at the appointment.

Whatever your level, a major ski resort or a small family, you can ski from Christmas to Easter is less than 2 hours from the sea

Auron/ St Etienne de Tinée. Altitude : 1.600 m / 2.400 m
Downhill skiing 130 km
54 runs
8 hors-piste routes
25 ski lifts (including 3 cable cars and 8 chair lifts)
XC skiing 3 km
1 trail for beginners.
Other activities snow scooter, paragliding, quads, sled dog rides, skating ring, ski touring.
Accommodation Auron/St Etienne de Tinée (7 km from the resort)

Isola 2000. Elevation: 1.600m/ 2.610m
Downhill skiing 120 km
46 runs
25 ski lifts (including 1 enclosed chair lift and 3 chair lifts)
XC skiing 5 km
2 trails
Other activities snow scooter, snowpark for snowboarders, hang-gliding, skating rink, ski tonic, diving under ice.
Accommodation Isola 2000/Isola village (15 km from the resort)

Valberg/Beuil. Elevation: 1.430m/ 2.100m
Downhill skiing 90 km
58 runs
27 ski lifts (including 6 chair lifts)
XC skiing 525 km
7 trails
6 Nordic ski touring routes at Beuil Les Launes
Other activities snow shoe excursions, speed skiing school at the Dreccia KL stadium, Olympic ski jump, ski orienteering course (site of the 1994 ski orienteering championship).
Accommodation Valberg/Beuil

Entraunes/Estenc. Elevation: 1.260m/ 1.800m
Downhill skiing 1 run, 1 ski lift
XC skiing 8 km
Other activities snow shoes, ski touring, ice waterfall climbing.
Accommodation Entraunes

Gréolières les Neiges. Elevation: 1.400m/ 1.800m
Downhill skiing 30 km
28 runs
11 ski lifts including 1 chair lift
XC skiing 30 km
6 trails, all the trails are prepared for skating and traditional style
Other activities  
Accommodation Gréolières les Neiges/Gréolières (15 km from the resort)

La Colmiane Valdeblore. Elevation: 1.400m/ 1.800m
Downhill skiing 30 km
21 runs
6 ski lifts (including 1 chair lift)
XC skiing 15 km
Other activities bump skiing, ski touring, sled dogs
Accommodation La Colmiane Valdeblore

Andon - L'Audibergue - La Moulière : alt. : 1.400m/ 1.640m
Downhill skiing 22 runs
8 ski lifts including 1 chair lift
XC skiing 3 km
Other activities  
Accommodation Andon

Roubion - Les Buisses. Elevation: 1.400m/ 1.640m
Downhill skiing 19 runs
30 km
7 ski lifts including 1 chair lift
XC skiing 20 km
3 trails
Other activities  
Accommodation Roubion

Saint Martin d'Entraunes. Elevation: 1.600m/ 2.035m
(open only at the weekends and during school holidays)
Downhill skiing 10 runs
10 km
3 ski lifts
XC skiing 10 km
3 trails
Other activities ski touring, Nordic skiing, snow shoe excursions
Accommodation Saint Martin d'Entraunes

Saint Martin-Vésubie - Le Boreon. Elevation: 1.600m/ 2.035m
Downhill skiing 25 km
XC skiing 5 trails
Other activities Alpine ski touring, Nordic routes, snow shoe routes, photo safari
Accommodation St Martin Vésubie

Saint Auban - La Graou. Elevation: 1.100m
Downhill skiing 25 km
XC skiing 2 trails
Other activities  
Accommodation Saint Auban

Tende - Val Casterino. Elevation: 1.550m
Downhill skiing 30 km
XC skiing 4 trails
Other activities  
Accommodation Tende


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